You catch a faint whiff of cattle, hay and rusting iron as the breeze creeps around you. You lay your head into a pillow of fresh licorice.

This entire time you've been sitting on your couch, of course, laughing with me and a group of a friends. Your friends think that you're a total genius—scheduling your own private sommelier for the evening has been your best idea yet. They keep telling you that "it even beats out that one night in Vegas!"

THE STRUCTURE Generally, you and I will settle on a wine theme for the night—big reds, Chardonnay from all over the world, spanish wines, or anything else you want to dream up. I'll bring six different wines, all of which complement each other while still showcasing stylistic differences. I'll handpick meats, cheeses and other accouterments that will pair perfectly. All the maps, charts and visual aides will be there as well, if your group enjoys that sort of thing.

WHAT YOU'LL GET I'll lead you though all of the wines, discussing smells & tastes and regional hallmarks, as well as what makes each wine distinct. We'll sniff and swirl. You'll discover that you sense sweetness on the tip of your tongue. You'll sense your jaw tighten a bit after tasting a high-acid wine. Your wine experiences will forever be altered.

Is your inner-circle full of both experts and newbies? No matter—I have an approach that delights both simultaneously. There are always lots of questions, and I'll supply lots of answers. I'll dispel all the myths; I'll give it to you straight.

ANYTHING WORKS Sit me in a chair in front of six people, or stand me at a podium in front of a banquet hall. I'm flexible, and we can shape anything to fit whatever style of event you're planning.

Let's set a date and make it happen.