I say this arrogance-free. In fact, it's a testament to exactly the opposite of arrogance—curiosity, passion and perseverance are all that are required to enjoy wine at the highest level.

For myself, the key was that I never bought into the premise that wine demanded a snobby or highfalutin stance. I didn't have the budget for that sort of thing, anyway. Call it Grassroots Wine. Guerilla Tasting.

My approach—the raw energy that I held toward the juice itself and to others I came in contact with during The Quest—was of appreciation and admiration. And instantly, over the better part of a year and a half, things came to me. I never held a de facto belief that $200 wine was better than $28 wine. I never decided that I hated Chardonnay, even if I had a string of 12 in a row that I hated.

You Don't Have To Be A Wine Snob: It Should Just Be Fun is where I finally put the pieces together—where I found an approachable and fun language to help beginners get a foothold. I wanted to write the kind of book that I would have appreciated when I was just starting out and my head was whirling.