Winery and wine distribution representatives from all over flock to the gates of Robust Wine Bar, all for a chance that their brood might earn a spot on the wine list. As Certified Sommelier and Specialist of Wine, it's my job to make sure that you and your loved ones only see the best of what's out there. You can trust my choices.

THE ROBUST FACTOR The Robust concept is unique. Rather than organizing wines by grape variety, they're grouped by body style. Each wine falls into one of eight categories: Bubbles, Crisp, Mellow, Luscious, Soft Hearted, Generous, Robust and Sweet & Stickie. You can find four wines from each body style poured by the glass, with suggested food pairings. And also cool?—we offer wine flights (a sort of sampler, with three half glasses) to give customers the option to taste some variety. Aside from the BTG and Flight wines, which change throughout the year, we offer 200 or so fantastic wines by the bottle. With that kind of inventory, wine sales alone total to about $750,000 each year.

To provide that kind of inventory, I'm tasting new wines daily. On any given afternoon, you'll likely spot me at Robust sniffing and swirling a selection of wines brought in by Saint Louis distributors. On many evenings, I'm at trade tastings, with glass in hand to pick the best of the bunch. All to bring the top wines from trade to your table.

EDUCATIONAL You can come to Robust to learn, as well. Aside from running the wine program, I also offer bi-monthly public tastings. The tastings are themed (Spanish wines, white blends, Malbec, etc.) and are usually around $15. They run 6-8pm on the first and third Tuesday of every month. If you would like to know about upcoming tasting events, follow this link to sign up for the email notifications: Click here.

Even better than the public tastings are the in-home, private parties. I bring all of the wine, meats and cheeses that pair perfectly, and give you and your friends my undivided attention. Head on over to the In-Home Tasting page for more information. Click here.

MOST AFFORDABLE CHAMPAGNE Time for the BIG NEWS. We're trying something new at Robust. Groundbreaking. Exciting. Unheard of.

Champagne at Robust costs less by the bottle than you have ever paid retail. I'm tired of Champagne being so expensive. Normal restaurant markups have made Champagne almost impossible to afford. Champagne has incredible potential to excite your palate before your meal, to match up with food, and even to satiate at the end of the evening. Veuve Clicot "Yellow Label"? Usually about $50 retail. Drink a whole bottle of it, at Robust, along with dinner, for $45.

You'll finally be able to drink Champagne, gallons of it, that you never dreamed of even being able to try.

For the wine list, Click here.