Don't let the word 'cellar' scare you. You absolutely do not need to be a big-time collector to benefit from my expertise. You may have 20 bottles in a wine fridge, or 2,000 in an underground climate-controlled bunker.

Getting the most out of your cellar really comes down to just two things: The first dimension is buying—getting your hands on the good juice and great values. The next is drinking—you need to know which bottles are ready to drink, and which will be screamin' good with a few more years of age. You need to know what to buy, and when to guzzle.

ME, YOUR BUYER As the Director of Wine at Robust, I taste new wines nearly everyday. (Click here to read about it) I'm on the front lines—the first to hear about special offers (many of which otherwise never show up in the Missouri marketplace), new releases, and constantly discover out-of-this-world values.

I'll call or email you right away to tell you what I've found, and you'll tell me when to pull the trigger. Once I have really gotten your tastes down—when I take a sip and instantly envision you shouting Yum! Yum!—then we may decide that I have on-the-spot purchasing power. Either way, I am your personal negociant. I'm constantly on the hunt for wines for you.

YOUR SPECIAL PRICE Not only do I hand-pick wines that you'll love, but you also pay less than anyone else. All of the purchasing is done through Robust Wine Bar, and to thank you for your consistant business you'll pay well below retail price.

DOWN THE HATCH You've the got wine. Now you need to keep track of all the bottles—you need to decide what to drink, and you need an effortless way to find the bottle.

I input all of your bottles (and information about each bottle) into a powerful and intuitive wine inventory management system. It generates unique barcodes for each bottle, which holds informative details about purchase price, market value, ideal drinking windows and the cellar bin location, just to name a few.

From any computer or smartphone, you can instantly generate a restaurant-style wine list, complete with location information for finding the bottle. Go into your cellar, look in the particular slot—3R, 7M, 12P, whatever—and pull the bottle out. Tear off the barcode label I affixed to the bottle. Drink the wine. I'll stop by later, scan the barcode into the system, and POOF!—the entire system updates. It's that easy.

FLEXIBILITY Undoubtedly, we'll customize a system that matches your lifestyle. Would you like to sort wines into everyday drinks vs. special wines? Or maybe a category that your spouse knows is OK to drink while you're away on business?

You'll have access to community tasting notes on each wine, and the ability to place your own notes directly into the system. You can generate reports, both regarding what's ready to drink, and the rate at which you're drinking certain wines. I can tap into the system and tease out data that directly informs our later buying decisions.

I'll set you up with an effortless system that's scalable to any level. My goal is to make you self-sufficient. I do not want you to be locked in or reliant on myself or the system that I build for you. I want to be an asset.

For those of you ready to take the next step in wine collection investments, we'll turn your bottles into assets as well. You'll have access to auction data streams and boatloads of other valuable market information.

I'm poised, ready to snatch up wines for you today that will generate profits tomorrow. Just give me the nod.